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Baffle Walls

A baffle curtain uses fabric supported geomembrane materials to make a vertical impermeable barrier in a pond or reservoir. These curtains direct the flow of water into the longest possible path through the reservoir. This eliminates short-cutting in the water treatment process. Scorpion Containment Solutions’ baffle curtains improve flow characteristics, while increasing the effectiveness of the water treatment processes in both drinking water treatment and effluent treatment applications. In drinking water treatment, fixed baffle curtains are placed in clearwells and reservoirs to increase the contact time of chlorine with the water and eliminate stagnant dead zones. This improves the disinfection of the water and specifically improves the performance of the water treatment for giardia, cysts and viruses. In effluent treatment, a floating baffle curtain eliminates short-cutting in the treatment pond. This ensures that all water has had the required time in the pond for the effluent treatment to take full effect.

Scorpion Containment Solutions baffle curtains are custom fabricated to fit your individual size or configuration of clearwell or pond. We also offer full in-house design assistance for new or retrofit clearwell projects. Our baffle curtains can be anchored to concrete by industry standard mechanical anchorage methods or we will install custom details according to client specifications. Scorpion Containment Solutions baffle curtains can be designed in modular panels for ease of installation and removal, allowing facility owners to upgrade existing clearwells or tanks without incurring the high costs of renovating the structure.