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Drainage is the removal of surface and sub-surface water from an area. Many soils need drainage to improve production or to manage water supplies. Modern drainage systems incorporate geotextile filters that retain and prevent fine grains of soil from passing into and clogging the drain.


Geonets & Geocomposites products are used for : erosion control, foundation wall drainage, landfill leachate collection in landfill liners, leak detection, caps and closures, methane gas collection, pond leak detection, roadway, pavement drainage, and other subsurface drainage system applications.


HDPE pipe

HDPE piping is commonly used for potable water pipe systems but can also be used for other applications including slurry lines, gas gathering ,transmission lines and various other applications. HDPE pipe is inert ,strong, extremely tough and very durable.


Dewatering bags

The Dewatering Bag is a geotextile filter bag designed to remove sediment from water by pumping sediment laden water through the bag. The geotextile is permeable allowing for water to pass through while trapping the sediment.