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Ground Improvement

Ground improvement is the process in which the bearing capacity of soils are improved. The main objective of ground improvement is to increase the density and shear strength parameters while decreasing the compressibility, permeability and settlement. Geotextiles and geogrids are used for soil reinforcement ,separation ,drainage and sub grade improvement. Reinforcing soils using geosynthetics help to disperse vertical forces allowing weaker soils to see less stress which in turn improves their overall performance. They are used where tensile strength, low long term extension, and soil durability are required.


The functions of geotextiles are divided into five categories. Regardless of type of construction, the geotextile performs at least one of these functions: Separation, Filtration, Drainage, Protection and Reinforcement.



A geogrid is polymer material used to reinforce soils and similar materials. There are two general types of geogrids uniaxial which are used most often to reinforce slopes or MSE walls and BiAxial which are most commonly used in roadways to perform sub grade improvement or base reinforcement