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Floating Covers

Scorpion Containment Solutions also has a range of floating covers available. From the simplest flat sheet materials to the defined sump cover suitable for multi-hectare ponds. A floating cover is a unique tool that can control odor, evaporation, dilution, and contamination in large and small containments.

Floating covers use flexible geomembranes to enclose the top of a pond. A floating cover is an economical alternative to tanks and concrete vaults for water storage and is one of the few techniques available to cover very large volumes of water. Floating covers move with the changes in water level, resist movement in wind, collect precipitation, and resist damage from ice.

Odor Control

Many storage and treatment ponds contain materials that give off noxious odors. The floating cover is intended to prevent the odor from leaving the property and affecting neighboring areas.

Evaporation & Dilution Control

In certain situations odor is not a problem while dilution or evaporation is a problem. An impermeable cover reduces the exposed area while preventing evaporation. Rainwater collected on the surface can either be diverted to prevent dilution of the contained liquid or allowed to drain directly into the pond.

Animal Protection

Floating covers prevent or discourage wildlife from gaining access to the pond and then becoming trapped by the pond contents.

Potable Water Storage

Once potable water has been treated it is important to prevent changes in the water before it is delivered to customers. Floating covers serve the following purposes:

  • Prevent evaporation of treatment chemicals
  • Prevent dilution of treated water
  • Prevent contamination
  • Prevent the formation of trihalomethanes from exposure to sunlight
  • Promote ease of maintenance

Scorpion Containment Solutions can provide application or design assistance, as well as complete design, for all of your floating cover needs.