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Scorpion Containment Solutions provides containment design and engineering support for all of our applications, specializing in geomembrane (liner) projects. We understand that the projects today are more complex and when it comes to choosing the right product for your project it can be overwhelming with all the information available. Leveraging our in depth knowledge, we make sure we ask the right questions to understand your needs, matching it up with the best possible solution available.

Complete Containment Design

We also provide you with all the necessary supporting tools from budget costs, specifications, drawings and installation procedures. As a geosynthetics specialist, Scorpion Containment is often aware of materials and techniques that are not widely known in the mainstream. We can assist designers, facility owners, and engineers to design with the best features of available geosynthetics. With our intimate knowledge of the geosynthetics market we can often suggest uses for geosynthetics that will save substantial time and money for projects with tight budgets. We can also help you solve difficult technical problems. Geosynthetics can often be used where conventional construction techniques will not work. We use these innovative products every day and can often find the right fit of material performance for your specific application.

Design-Build Proposals

On truly unique projects, we invite you to consider Scorpion Containment for a design-build proposal. Design-build has the advantage of allowing us to use the best techniques available in the industry – often techniques that may save time, materials, and money. When the geosynthetic portion of the project starts to approach 50% a design-build proposal from Scorpion Containment can save you money.