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Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets are natural fibers held in place by single or double netting. They serve to hold soils in place while retaining moisture, which helps promote vegetation growth. The matrix of the blankets is typically straw, straw/coconut, or coconut fibers. When the fibers break down, they start a natural mulching effect with soils to promote growth.

Erosion Control Blankets are used in situations where protection is required between 1- 3 years. Straw has the shortest life span and coconut the longest. The netting materials can be light to heavy weight made of polypropelene or natural jute for highly sensitive areas where fully biodegradable is required.

Benefits of Erosion Control Blankets:

  • Protects bare soils from precipitation and erosion
  • Provides an ideal micro-climate for seed germination
  • Biodegrades into a mulch after a suitable protective period
  • Available in many styles to protect most combinations of slope pitch and length, and in short-term and long-term styles