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Articulating Concrete Mats

Articulating concrete mats provide flexible, hydraulically stable protection in high-flow, high-scour application or where a hard armoring solution is required. The mats come in various configurations and sizes depending on your project requirements. The concrete mats are assembled at the plant allowing for all the QA/QC to be completed in a controlled environment ensuring the products meet specifications prior to shipping to site. The mats are cabled or tied together in finish mat sizes, loaded on to trucks using a spreader bar system and used again to simply place the mats at site. The cabled system allows the product to be moved or lifted at a later date if a repair was required or the area was being reconfigured

Articulating Concrete Mats can be used in channels, dam overtopping, emergency dump ponds, pipe line crossings, boat ramps, tank farms and in place of RCC.